Play It Forward DAO hosts an AMA session with Eizper Chain

With the recent development of blockchain technology and Web 3.0, people have seen a slow but big revolution when it comes to changes in the traditional gaming industry. Back then, people must pay first by buying consoles and CDs to play traditional video games.

Later on, free-to-play concepts became available where people don’t have to buy anything to play the game unless they want to add some buff or additional items for their character. Now, we are in the era where games are being powered by blockchains and are slowly entering the gaming market and industry.

Play It Forward DAO wholeheartedly provides its platform to its game partners for promotional purposes. This will allow PIF DAO’s game partners to hype their new or upcoming games and let their potential players know what’s in it for them.

Play It Forward DAO conducted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with Eizper Chain’s founder and CEO Rudi Harli, which was hosted by Gary Koay. Find out more about Eizper Chain’s vision, gameplay, and plans in the future by reading below!

What is Eizper Chain?

Eizper Chain is a blockchain-based RPG that combines the gameplay of adventure and arena battles. Here, players will roam the vast world of Eizper while being guided by an epic story full of twists and turns. Players can also enter arena battles where they compete against opponents in exchange for rewards and recognition.

Rudy Harli, Eizper Chain’s founder, has been a gamer since childhood. The reason why he got involved with crypto games is that he wants to share his experience as a gamer using blockchain technology.

Check out Rudy Harli’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with the Play It Forward community on Play It Forward DAO’s Youtube channel. For a recap, here are some of the key questions and answers about the Eizper Chain:

Gary: How did you start Eizper Chain? What was the original concept of it? How did you build Eizper Chain from the beginning?

Rudi: We started this project in June last year, 2021. Before that, I did some background research for 3 months. That time I saw Axie Infinity happen to hype their peak season. I tried to understand what gaming 3.0 is from that perspective.

I gained interest in game 3.0 because there is blockchain technology behind it. I see that there is a potential power if we can combine the quality of traditional gaming with blockchain technology. That’s a little background on why I started building the game.

Since June 2021, we started this game where I became the founder. After that, I assisted the co-founders to work on the tech side, specifically on the gaming side. One of our co-founders worked on several projects like the Final Fantasy VII remake. The other co-founder is working on the marketing side.

We didn’t start with very big money and we didn’t raise any funds. We just used our own money and that’s very limited. After 3 months of working, we tried to launch our first alpha in October. At that time there were not that many investors. We started this alpha gaming in October and until now the game is available to the public.

After 3 months, there was an announcement from Solana about their hackathon. We participated in that event and we got good results. We became the winner of the Solana Ignition Hackathon.

At that time, I think there were like 600 projects from Solana. There were 4 categories and the one I participated in is on blockchain gaming or gaming 3.0. There were 150 participants and we got the 3rd prize.

At that time we didn’t have any investors. Then Solana invited us to the Solana breakpoint which was held in early November in Lisbon. There was a physical conference so we went there where we met other investors and even CEOs.

The reason why many investors liked us was that we built the product first, we delivered the product first and we have players here. When we presented to them, we didn’t present our tech, we presented our game. So that’s how we got to impress them.

Gary: That’s a good start to this whole journey. So, my next question is, where is everything now in terms of development? You talked about the alpha launch before and it’s been open to the public for quite a while now. But, that’s an alpha launch. What’s happening next?

Rudi: We have 3 points of release. The first one is the alpha launch starting in October. After that, we do monthly updates since October. Like December we have a winter season event where you collect some flowers and get a special NFT from there. January we have the multiplayer weapon system. In February we’ll have a weapon-type system and we will allow beta on these on the 25th of March, 4 days from now.

Gary: Where do you want to see this game going? How big is this world that you are planning and what are the details of the future?

Rudi: We try to become the first game in the Web 3 space that is already playable. A real game with real economic value as experienced by us as gamers to the blockchain space. If you ask us, how many years we will stay on this product, we are very focused on our token distribution for like 5 years then that’s guaranteed that for 5 years we will be here.

After this beta release, there will be a full release. We can finish it in July but I think the release still needs polishing so maybe in September there will be a full release. What’s next after that? Is that the end? No, we will have updates on characters, weapons, stories.

In September we’ll have a full release on PC. We’ll start making developments in May. Our mobile team will start working and you can expect December or next January that there will be a mobile version.

Gary: So far, it’s only available for Windows. Any ability for any Mac users and iOS users to get into this game? Or is it for PC only?

Rudi: We are looking at that also. Maybe one or two months from now, it will be available for Mac also.

Gary: Let’s talk about the gameplay, what is the main style of this game?

Rudi: Our theme is high fantasy with steampunk. Steampunk comes from the industrial revolution in England. High fantasy is like magic elements and we try to combine them. As you can see, there are gears and all styles of guns. When combined, the gun itself can be imbued by let’s say ice crystals that can shoot with a magic splash or something like that.

As for the style itself, we didn’t make it too dark. We are also inspired by Genshin Impact since we like that style. But for the camera, we used Diablo-style since it’s more convenient for the MMORPG style. We tried to combine them.

You see that our skeleton is not scary. You can see its darkness but it’s not gory and bloody. So even 13 years old and above or mid-schoolers can play the game since they’re also a good target.

Gary: Regarding the storyline, I know there are 2 characters and there’s also a tree and magician-like characters. I wasn’t quite sure if I saw that properly.

Rudi: On Alpha, we only have 2 playable characters, Chris the swordsman and Harley the archer. But on the Beta, we’ll add 4 characters. We’ll add 2 legendary characters, one is like the tank that you can rely on for physical defense. He is very slow but he is very strong. The second character that we’ll release is a magician but we call it scholar since she uses a tome. There are also 2 free-to-play characters that you can customize.

Gary: Is there a certain character that you need to pay for or open up before you have access to those. Or just tell me about the basic ergonomics and we’ll start from there.

Rudi: Our game is different from other P2E games because we desire for people to enjoy the game first. The main thing, our core game economic design is not based on currency incentivizing. Currency incentivizing is when developers print money just to reward you when you complete daily missions.

That’s good at the beginning but after one year the economy will start to fall down and players will not be able to earn more money. Once inflation and hyperinflation come, the economy will fall down because the core game is based on currency and we didn’t like that.

I come from playing Diablo and Ragnarok where there is a much more interesting line. I still remember when I hunt for something rare that hours and days are spent just to get it. That’s gaming 2.0. Imagine if this becomes a game 3.0 with a limited amount of items, you can imagine the price will start getting higher.

Gary: When it comes to the NFT items, once you get something really valuable you’ll want to earn money from the exchange of these items. Is that smart contract idea going to be embedded in these NFTs?

Rudi: For sure. Our NFTs are not just regular NFTs. At some level, we can extend to something like NFT staking.

Gary: How can we buy the NFT?

Rudi: We have a whitelist for that. You can buy our NFT from the public mint on our website.

Rudi also showed their deck of designs for characters and weaponry. The first set is a multi-tier weapon system on which Eizper Chain will soon release a video about it. It has 10 tiers, with tier 6 onwards consisting of limited NFT weapons.

About Eizper Chain

Eizper Chain is a blockchain-based role-playing game created by Eizper and powered by Sangnila. This open-world game’s full release is planned for the third quarter of 2022. Feel free to join the Eizper Chain community to know more about the game!

About Play It Forward DAO

Play It Forward DAO is a metaverse eco-system builder with a focus on Web3 game investment and a large-scale guild of 3,000+ gamers (Railings University) across the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

The company is positioned to provide broad access to play-to-earn gaming by educating, empowering, and integrating underprivileged communities into the P2E industry. PIF DAO is positioned to be the growth engine of a Plug-and-Play metaverse by allowing its members to invest, play, learn and earn.

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