Play It Forward DAO undergoes major revamps

The crypto world is ever-growing and so should the projects related to it. That is why Play It Forward DAO strives to continuously adapt to the changes by improving and developing its platform.

With that in mind, Play It Forward DAO is excited and proud to announce certain changes and revamps that we have made on the PIF Guild and our official website. Find out what these changes are and why we are making these huge leaps below.

What’s new at Play It Forward DAO?

The community and the overall scope of Play It Forward DAO are now huge. From a small number of game partners and investors, the platform has now amassed a plethora of new and upcoming games as well as strategic partners. Thus, upgrades and developments are necessary to provide optimum services to our scholars and investors, which will aid in PIF DAO’s growth.

Here are the major revamp that Play It Forward DAO has done in pursuit of its mission of revolutionizing crypto gaming and making the Metaverse more accessible to all:

Play It Forward DAO’s new and revamped website

With Play It Forward DAO’s increasing game partners and investors, it is just a matter of time before thousands of new scholars and users utilize the platform. That is why we strive to develop and give our platform a fresher look to ensure that visitors will get the best experience as they engage within the website.

Starting March 24, 2022, you can now access Play It Forward DAO’s new and revamped website. We owe our success to all of our members and investors. Thus, one of the best ways to repay them is to provide an efficient and well-developed platform that they can easily utilize.

In addition to that, Play It Forward DAO aims to become the growth engine of a Plug-and-Play Metaverse. Our improved website will help in paving the way for this aim to realize. Check out the new features and upgrades that we have made on our website by reading on.

Play It Forward DAO’s old website

Here’s what you will see on the Play It Forward DAO’s old website. You’ll see a boy with a backpack and an opened treasure chest at the top of the mountain. On both sides are the buttons leading you to Play It Forward DAO’s staking website and Uniswap link. The upper left corner of the screen displays all the links directing you to PIF’s social media accounts.

As you scroll down the homepage, you’ll also see Play It Forward DAO’s overview of its ecosystem, the list of its partners and backers as well as the tabs for the Whitepaper and FAQ section. A dashboard, powered by the P2E board, can also be accessed where you can see the data from the PIF Guild accounts.

Play It Forward DAO’s new website

Here’s a peek at what the new Play It Forward DAO’s new website looks like. As you can see, the graphics were improved. The Play It Forward logo has also been revamped to go along with the development of the website. If you go to the website, you’ll also enjoy smoother animations and faster page loading speed.

You remember that the boy with the backpack is at the top of the mountain, right? Well, our new website is a continuation of that boy’s adventure. Here, you’ll see his view at the top of the mountain where a bright and thriving ecosystem awaits.

A golden bridge made out of $PIF tokens will lead you to the city where you can easily access the 3 pillars with just a single click. Represented by the 3 huge buildings, the 3 pillars will let you:

  • Invest: Invest in $PIF Token to participate in Play It Forward DAO’s decision-making process and help the decentralized network grow and prosper.
  • Play: Dive into the Metaverse by becoming a member of the Railings University (RU) guild community where you can play Axie Infinity, Pegaxy, BCM Hunt, Ethlas, and more.
  • Connect: Help grow the pie rather than fight for the bigger slice by supporting the Multi-Game and Multi-Guild Ecosystem of Play It Forward DAO through the P2Eboard.

Access to the most popular P2E games as well as the new and upcoming titles are now made easier through Play It Forward DAO’s new website. Now, you can simply click your desired crypto game to see its description and be redirected to its official website.

In addition to that, finding the best crypto game for you is now effortless since you can filter our game partners based on genre and availability. At the bottom of the site, sections such as the team behind Play It Forward DAO, the sitemap as well as the terms & conditions, and privacy policy are added.

PIF Guild’s rebranding to Railings University

Aside from the launch of the new website, Play It Forward DAO has more exciting changes and projects that we will roll out. The most recent update is the rebranding of Play It Forward Guild (PIF Guild) into Railings University, powered by the $PIF token. Find out more about this update and see how Play It Forward DAO and Railings University are connected with each other below:

From Railings University to PIF Guild and vice versa

Many people may have known that Play It Forward DAO was once branded as Railings University. The 5 founders of PIF DAO, who are a group of high school friends and gamers at heart, came up with the name both for fun and sentimental reasons. This group of friends studied at the same high school and university where they were labeled as “Railings” since they literally hung out at the railings near their school cafeteria.

To complete the name, they added the word “University” since the guild maintains a sponsorship model where gamers can connect to managers and sponsors alike. Railings University is a play-to-earn platform that is focused not only on earning profits but also on educating gamers and developing their skills as well.

Since Railing University’s launch, the guild has expanded rapidly. From what started as a small platform where players can rent NFTs to play Axie Infinity, the guild has now managed to partner with other new and upcoming P2E games such as Pegaxy, Blockchain Monster Hunt, Happy Land, Cyball, and more.

However, the name Railings University was changed to Play It Forward Guild (PIF Guild) in December 2021 to represent a strategic intent of connecting the guild to the next phase of its journey as a DAO.

Why rebrand as Play It Forward Guild (PIF Guild)?

While developing the business side of the company, the founders decided to rebrand the Railings University to Play It Forward Guild. The idea here was to highlight the company and introduce it to the public as the entity that built the guild. During that time, the company was also planning to launch the $PIF token.

Why switch back to Railings University?

As the PIF Guild progressed, the founders decided to establish the guild as something more independent, gamer-centric, and specialized. While Play It Forward has business diversity in mind, Railings University has gaming as its top priority. Thus, the company decided to revert back to Railings University as the main brand for the guild.

Play It Forward DAO has more plans along the way that aims to help its scholars and potential players navigate through the metaverse while being equipped with skills and in-depth knowledge about the game they are playing.

The vision of the company is to invest in the people and to enhance the community by giving back. Just like how real-life universities help their students become proficient in their chosen fields, the revamped Railings University will also help its scholars excel within their chosen P2E games professionally and financially.

By rebranding as Railings University, the PIF guild can now be a platform where its members or scholars do not just play to earn, but instead learn, play, and earn. It is also worth mentioning that the Railings University guild is powered by $PIF tokens.

Other exciting projects await

Play It Forward DAO and Railings University want a guild that is not just a playground for fun. Thus, we are in the process of creating an education-oriented platform that serves as a breeding ground for “gaming legends”. So, keep an eye out for new programs, digital content, live streams, mentoring systems, focus group discussions, and even community tournaments within the guild.

More information about the upcoming changes will be posted here at Medium and on the rest of our social media accounts. So, make sure to subscribe to our accounts and participate in the discussions within the PIF DAO’s community!

About Play It Forward DAO

Play It Forward DAO is a metaverse eco-system builder with a focus on Web3 game investment and a large-scale guild of 3,000+ gamers (Railings University) across the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

The company is positioned to provide broad access to play-to-earn gaming by educating, empowering, and integrating underprivileged communities into the P2E industry. PIF DAO is positioned to be the growth engine of a Plug-and-Play metaverse by allowing its members to invest, play, learn and earn.

Play It Forward DAO Social Media Links:

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