Play It Forward DAO joins Cradles in the evolution of the Metaverse

There’s no stopping in the developments brought by blockchain technology. Now, blockchain is no longer a network for financial transactions. Instead, it has opened a whole new lucrative industry through the Metaverse. The play-and-earn industry is getting more and more popular, thanks to countless crypto games developers who continue to bring unique and innovative gameplays.

Play It Forward DAO aims to provide its users broader access to play-and-earn gaming by being one of the growth engines of Metaverse. With this goal in mind, Play It Forward DAO is continuously on the search for blockchain projects with similar objectives.

Today, Play It Forward DAO is delighted to announce that it has found another perfect partner that aligns with its objectives. The upcoming game, Cradles, has an open-world gameplay that allows its players to build a world towards the ideal of a Metaverse. Find out more about this crypto game and how its partnership with Play It Forward DAO could benefit its potential players.

What is Cradles?

Cradles is a creative decentralized game that provides a unique experience to its gamers. In the game, the world is divided into the main city and an adventure zone. Extinct creatures on Earth can be seen in the adventure zone to let the players experience the prehistoric world.

Although Cradles has an open-world gameplay, there are still guidelines that players need to understand. Initially, the game will provide novice tasks to the players after they choose their birthplace. These tasks can be hunting beasts or protecting the village from infringement. Once the tasks are complete, players will be able to receive rewards. As the game progresses, players can now go on various kinds of city missions published by official agencies or offered by NPCs or other players.

The game also offers a Player vs Player (PVP) and Person vs Environment (PvE) gameplay where gamers can kill other players or hunt down dangerous species in exchange for incentives. Venturing through the vast wild world within the game will allow players to earn token revenue which they use to create their own NFTs that they can trade, sell, and stake.

What will the partnership of Play It Forward DAO and Cradles bring to P2E gamers?

As Play It Forward DAO works with Cradles, the Metaverse will become more accessible for potential P2E gamers, especially for aspiring Cradle players. Through the PIF Guild, individuals may now apply as scholars and will be provided with stable in-game assets required to enter and play the game.

Players may now also access Play It Forward DAO’s P2E Board where they will see their P2E gaming data like their assets, ranking, and more. It is important to note that the P2E Board is not limited to Cradles alone but also covers the players’ data across a variety of other P2E games. This way, players can easily know which titles they already excel in and which ones they need to improve.

The partnership between Play It Forward DAO and Cradles opens a wonderful opportunity for players to easily join in Cradles without shelling out huge sums of money. Now, players have easier access to the learning and earning opportunities unique to Cradles.

About Cradles

Cradles is the first time-lapsing crypto game where players live within a virtual world that continues to evolve just like in real life. It allows its community members to participate in the construction of the game world by selecting the top developers, designers, and game testers who will help in the development of the game through community governance proposals.

About Play It Forward DAO

Play It Forward DAO has a guild management platform (P2E Board) with a large-scale guild of over 3,000 scholars (PIF Guild). We allow broad access to play-and-earn gaming to be the growth engine of a Plug-and-Play Metaverse. By being an ecosystem where members can track their performance across all P2E games, we help these participants in building up their immutable profiles for the pursuit of opportunities. Play It Forward, Play-and-Earn made easy!

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