Play It Forward DAO and Rozz Charles hosts an AMA session with Mirror World

Play and earn gaming is revolutionizing the classic play-to-win model of traditional video games. Although we have seen a plethora of P2E games in the market, one specific game ensures that it differs from the rest. The upcoming release of Mirror World is creating a buzz in the P2E community through its use of artificial intelligence (AI) with blockchain technology.

To provide Mirror World an opportunity to widen its reach and hype its upcoming games, Play It Forward DAO offered its platform hosted by Rozz Charles, a social media influencer who conducts crypto game reviews. Find out more about Mirror World’s initiatives, gameplay, and plans in the future by reading below!

What is Mirror World?

Mirror World is a content matrix powered by artificial intelligence. Its co-founder and CEO, Chris Zhu, started this project about 6 months ago back when he was developing a lot of in-game AI for large open-world MMORPG games.

Chris soon realized that the virtual lives aspect of the games can be combined with NFTs. As these NFTs become interoperable across all games, the assets themselves can become alive through the AI algorithm, thus the inception of Mirror World.

The team of Mirror World wanted to create a space where virtual characters can interact with their users naturally within their environment and society.

After rolling down the Mirror NFTs powered by AI, the next step of the Mirror World team is to release 3 GameFi projects this year alone. Those who will buy NFTs or invest in other in-game assets in Mirror World will have the freedom to enter the GameFi projects that they will publish.

Check out Chris Zhu’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with the Play It Forward Community hosted by Rozz Charles on Play It Forward DAO’s Youtube channel. Read Chris’ answers to some of the key questions about the game below.

Rozz: This is the first time I’ve heard of a project that would utilize AI with NFTs. I’ve been reviewing NFT games — more than 200 of them — to be honest, and Mirror World is the first one that has AI. What are the games that you plan to release this year?

Chris: We took inspiration from some of the biggest action RPGs on the market. We like the gameplay of Hades, the visual effects of Hades, and the ranking ladder of Diablo 3. But as we looked at these traditional games, we thought that they weren’t ready for the crypto market. There are insanely talented producers behind those games but we wanted to make an action RPG that is easy to play on your phone.

Let’s say you have an Android and then you have a normal device that you wanted to utilize for the gameplay. Then you will be able to use our characters in a vertical ARPG that is also roguelike and we can have all of our worldviews instilled to that art direction within that vertical ARPG.

So you can think of it as an easier version to play than Hades and at the same time within your cell phone. So that’s the first game that we will be launching.

The 2nd game that we will be launching has similar gameplay with Party Animal, where it will be a multiplayer online battle arena. But the gameplay itself will be simpler than a party game like that. You’ll be able to fight with the Mirrors within your environment and try to push your opponents down a cliff or down a platform, where it’s really exciting for you to battle it out.

Each one of the mirrors holds its own skill sets and equipment. You can pick up bombs and different devices within the battleground to try to outscore your opponents within that limited amount of time.

So those are the first 2 games that we will be launching before Q2. Then for Q3, we are actually looking at something very exciting. We were looking at something with tower-building mechanisms and a world map. We can have our characters be spread out through that world map and you can utilize your character’s build to defend so it is very interesting.

Rozz: If it’s coming next quarter, we’re just waiting less than 3 months? So we’re ready to play it at that time?

Chris: We will have alpha versions throughout these 3 months and then hopefully we will have a public beta in June. So essentially, we will be utilizing the games for multiple playtests, and depending on how that goes, we will open it up sooner or later.

Rozz: How many of these Mirror World NFTs do I need to have for me to start playing? Or even in the alpha version, what’s the requirement to get into that game?

Chris: We expect our holders to have 1 Mirror NFT. So it’s one set of assets in every single game.

Rozz: How do you look into the sustainability of the Mirror World?

Chris: When you look at a gaming company that develops games, there are usually multiple projects going on at the same time. Why that is, is because games have a very very high tendency or probability of failing individually.

So if you are betting or investing assets only on 1 centralized game, that game itself might fail due to a variety of reasons. For example, distribution, growth, community. All these reasons that can contribute to the failure of a game also affect a crypto game.

But a crypto game depends on liquidity, sales and marketing, and community building as well. How we think about that is if your game does not succeed very early on and it takes too long for your community to progress, your asset value decreases very rapidly if you only have a single centralized game.

That is why we have this big game matrix from the onset. We have this kind of matrix where we can be rolling out different scales of games throughout every single time horizon. Since we can have a product that is launching at a different scale, your asset essentially holds its value throughout the entire matrix or universe lifespan.

You can be earning crypto and it can have its highs and lows but we can always be introducing new games and new content for people to come and enjoy. In that sense, we do reach a stage where there are more normal game players instead of just P2E scholars, who earn a living from these games.

We think that enjoying the game is a lot more important than just earning money. You should be earning money while playing the game at the same time. And if the gameplay itself throughout the game development process grows to be enjoyable for a lot of these players, there will be content consumption naturally.

Rozz: I know your mint is already done, at least for your first generation. Do you plan to extend some minting events later on? If I want to get a new batch of NFTs, will you still be releasing one or will you have breeding features? How do you plan to expand your NFT assets?

Chris: We do plan to release the 2nd batch of assets which has a richer sense of storytelling and worldview behind the characters as well.

So the Genesis collection has a worldview where the Mirrors are artificial intelligence creatures or data-driven creatures that are devouring Web 2 based silo databases of let’s say Facebook, ByteDance, and a lot of these huge companies.

These Mirrors are traveling there. They want to go somewhere really decentralized and more free. That is why they are trying to escape from these environments and get to a Web 3 world. But within this web 3 world where they’ve escaped to, there could be different factions that are battling each other like fire, grass, and water.

We want all the scholars and players or all the users that are using our products to understand the worldview behind our products as well. So we will be launching our 2nd batch of assets relatively soon.

Rozz: You are on the Ethereum blockchain, right? Are you planning to extend it to other networks like Solana, AVAX, or other upcoming blockchains like Terra?

Chris: We did a lot of research and discussions around this topic. So after comparing various existing solutions, we finally chose Solana as our new home. The reason for that cross-chain, which our community actually voted on, is that Solana is currently investing in a lot of GameFi ecosystems.

Some of our biggest investors also support a lot of other chains as well. In the end, we want to be able to create an ecosystem that exists on all these other chains. It will be multi-chain in the long term for sure, but I think Solana is a good way to start it.

Rozz: Does your NFT change its looks over time as it matures? Does it reach a point where it actually ages out or maybe expires at one point?

Chris: That’s something we haven’t really decided yet. The traits would definitely grow when you’re in-game and developing the characters within the game development system. You can pick and choose whether you want to make them stronger but you have to pay a little bit of price, so it’s your choice.

Rozz: Will there be a customized feature of the NFTs in the future? Can we change their looks?

Chis: Right now there are no skin features that we’re rolling out with the NFTs. They will still be a holistic image.

Chris also shared a clip of their games that you can watch on Youtube. He said the video is not the most accurate representation because they wanted it to be a lighter experience as well. The video focused on 3 different points:

  1. The Mirror NFTs are interoperable within different universes.
  2. Mirror World is going to create 2D and 3D assets across different universes so you can pick the games that you like based on visuals and playstyle.
  3. Mirror World has a rich environment and storytelling.

About Mirror World

Mirror World will soon become an AI-powered carnival that yields crypto returns. After publishing the first 3 games, the team will publish a standard economic framework to allow content producers to connect to Mirror World’s game ecosystem. Feel free to join Mirror World’s community and talk to them about any suggestions you might have regarding the game!

About Play It Forward DAO

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The company is positioned to provide broad access to play-to-earn gaming by educating, empowering, and integrating underprivileged communities into the P2E industry. PIF DAO is positioned to be the growth engine of a Plug-and-Play metaverse by allowing its members to invest, play, learn and earn.

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