“Play It Forward DAO”: A community that lets you earn!

While our change to Play It Forward DAO may seem superficial at first glance, our re-brand is more than just a name change and signals a true strategic shift and re-orientation of our focus.

For those who have been with us from the beginning — Railings University was a guild born of the desire of our founders, being gamers themselves, to provide gamers an opportunity to earn an income doing something they love.

The change to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (or DAO for short) is a recognition of the multiple stakeholders in our journey — our players, our communities, our investors, and the broader Play-to-Earn industry as a whole. Kindness and rewards are meant to be shared — better yet,

We believe that access to the Metaverse should be democratized. We wanted to make this a reality for more people. PIF DAO does not want to fight for a bigger slice of the pie — we want to grow and share the pie with others.

Digging Deep

The story of PIF DAO started with the founders that were managing their own guilds and dealing with the operational complexity of doing it alone. In July this year, they decided to combine forces and leverage each other’s unique skillsets to improve their operations.

In the process, we rapidly grew our operations to establish Railings University as one of the largest guilds in the Play-to-Earn space. Yet, we felt that our mission of enabling better Play-to-Earn outcomes for more players communities was naturally limited by the constraints of the guild model.

We wanted to share everything we built — the operational knowledge, automated tools, payment offramps — to scale and empower other guilds. Thus was the genesis of our pivot to a platform approach. Over time, we hope to encourage non-crypto natives to try the space and learn what Play-to-Earn is all about, making the space more accessible for everyone.

Our upcoming platform — P2E Board — is primed to magnify our community and provide all guilds with the tools they need to better serve their communities. As more players enter the Play-to-Earn space, we move ever closer to a truly financially-inclusive Metaverse.

That goes to the heart of what we believe in — giving back and sharing. The immutable, equitable and democratized nature of blockchain and cryptocurrencies provide us with the best opportunity to grow this pie.

Join us as we make play more rewarding and build a Metaverse for all

Real Scholars, Real Stories

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Making play more rewarding — one player at a time

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