PIF DAO and Apeiron had an AMA session with a twist!

As part of its recent partnership with Apeiron, Play It Forward DAO and Railings University welcomed the first NFT god-game into their community through a fun and fruitful Ask Me Anything (AMA) session!

PIF DAO is delighted to have the Co-Founder of Apeiron, Frank Cheng, sit and answer the key questions about their project. Frank Cheng has done a lot of AMA already, so to make this one more entertaining, we challenged him to play Tetris Gems while answering the questions about the game.

The AMA session, streamed on YouTube, was hosted by the crypto enthusiast and influencer, Modern Mulan. You can watch the recorded live stream on Play It Forward DAO’s YouTube channel to see how Apeiron’s co-founder managed to beat the leaderboard in Tetris while giving an in-depth explanation of their game.

For this AMA session, Play It Forward DAO and Railings University gave away a 1,500 USDC prize pool and a chance to win a whitelist slot for the most active participants. More AMAs will be held on Play It Forward DAO’s YouTube channel, so make sure to subscribe and watch out for the AMA announcements on PIF DAO’s social media accounts!

Take a look at the highlights of the AMA session below, which include some of the questions and answers about the game.

Modern Mulan: What is your goal in the project?

Frank Cheng: Our goal is to attempt to recreate Black & White’s virtual success of the 2001 PC god game. I was a gamer all my life and it’s been my dream to create my own game. Black & White has been one of my favorite games. It’s one of those games that you really can’t see nowadays on the market.

Apeiron is my passion project, it’s a god game and a recreation of Black & White. There are really a lot of different games that came across my life combined in this game. It’s my attempt to present unique and original gameplay, story and mechanisms to the gaming industry. Not just blockchain actually, because Apeiron was originally developed on the mobile platform.

But it never really fit long [in the mobile platform] because the gameplay, the scope and the complexity grew over the six years that we have been developing together with our team. And so we were finding new models, then came the token-driven model introduced by Axie Infinity and the blockchain and NFT technology. We studied that extensively and we found it to be a great model, with which great and complex games can be built upon.

So we remodeled our project and edit in the game mechanics into it. Together with four-game mechanics: the god game simulation, the card base action battle, the reset mechanism and the breeding mechanism to create the Apeiron you see today. It’s a different play-and-earn game, it’s a different blockchain game.

Its main difference from other products you see is that Apeiron is built with game mechanisms, with gameplay at its heart and tokenomics is wrapped around it nicely. While other games are mostly built with tokenomics at their core.

Modern Mulan: It is a very unique project. So, let’s dive right in and talk about the details of the actual gameplay. What do you say are the key features of this project and its competitive advantages? Because there are so many other play-to-earn games available, why should they immerse themselves here?

Frank Cheng: Apeiron’s gameplay elements, story and game mechanisms are something you can experience even in the physical gaming world. A lot of the games you see nowadays, are games that are built based on the existing game mechanisms, models and storylines.

So the unique difference here is not just the gameplay but the mechanisms and the direction with which Apeiron is going to take. The different elements of Apeiron, all mechanics, all gameplay and all storytelling, and even our stance on how we approach our community and our token launch through our free token launch are all different. Is it better? Well, it’s all for you guys to find out.

The main draw is that Apeiron is in the works for over six years. It’s the life of 30 to 40 employees for 4 to 6 years. It’s a project that has been in concept and prototype for a long time. We prototype 5 different gameplay styles to come up with today’s unique play style. And we remodeled it even more.

Apeiron is not just a game. It has a franchise element, an Esports element, and a longer road map. There are 12 galaxies on the game map. All 12 of them are giant expansion packs that are worth 6 to 8 years’ worth of content elements. We want to develop Apeiron from a blockchain game into an esports game and then into a franchise. It’s a grand and crazy endeavor.

Modern Mulan: It is a very grand endeavor. I’m glad that you’ve mentioned your road map because later on, we will be tackling about what you have planned for the future. But let’s focus on what we have now. What are your current most pressing goals right now?

Frank Cheng: Right now is the pre-sell next week, this coming Thursday, April 14. It’s our first NFT presell, selling our first-generation planets, Generation Zero. These planets are very special. They will be the planets that will be populating the entire universe of Apeiron. And the ultimate value of these first planets is the ability for them to breed.

There are only 4,589 of them in the beginning phase. These are the first planets that can breed. All planets can breed actually. But these are the ones that will breed into 350,000 planets upon game launch in October.

The breeding mechanism is fun. We designed it based on our existing breeding model and we add a unique twist and flavor to it. In order to incorporate breeding into the gameplay, we came up with this ridiculous idea to breed planets.

To breed with other planets, you need to own 2 planets. If you managed to own 3, you can actually, just like Axie, trigger an infinite breeding cycle. That’s a good goal for people who want to be breeders or try to start their own gaming guilds.

There’s another thing. Apeiron is positioning itself as a premium paid app experience with win-to-earn and team-to-earn elements. We don’t position ourselves as free-to-play actually, or play-to-earn. The free-to-play elements, with which a lot of new games and Axie Infinity are taking, are ones that we are deviating from.

Originally, I was thinking that too but there are a lot of gaming guilds and I’ve met a lot of great minds behind these gaming guilds. I found that gaming guilds are actually the best answer to free-to-play. Because gaming guilds themselves are the best free-to-play portals for many blockchain games and beyond.

They [gaming guilds] are the best user acquisition models and they have evolved along the way. The dream for scholars to play and earn in the beginning becomes a dream to own NFTs. A dream to specialize in different priorities and to build their own portfolios along the way.

The gaming guilds are these portals, such as Railings University. The name itself is telling you that it’s not just a gaming guild that onboards scholars. It’s more than just scholars or grinders or players. It’s an educational system that educates you along the way not just in games but in other Web 3 projects or other games.

I want to partner with a lot of them [gaming guilds]. And to this day, there are 23 gaming guilds that I’m going to partner with all over the world. I seek each and every one of them myself and I’m proud to say that I even jumped in to look at their community members and their scholars because the quality of the guilds comes in the quality of their scholars.

Modern Mulan: So, you’ve mentioned there is going to be a renting and scholarship feature right? So, how about other player incentives, can you share them with us? How can people earn from this as well?

Frank Cheng: Actually, the one thing that we position ourselves is, well, first, this is not a play-to-earn game. This is a paid app with win-to-earn and team-and-earn elements. But of course, there are multiple ways to earn as well.

As a player, the planets come with a reset cycle, it’s one of the mechanisms that we implemented from roguelike and tap tap games. So with that, you will be grooming your planets, playing around with your duties. And then you’ll fight some battles but in the lower levels, you’ll find yourself stuck pretty early. And that’s when you should reset your planet.

When you reset your play progress, you will earn play-to-earn tokens and you will level up. As you grow, as you level up, you’ll grow more impressive planets and you’ll be able to reset faster. Ultimately, how to earn play-to-earn tokens is by resetting the planets. At the late levels, as your planets will be larger and bigger, you can only reset once a week. So, it’s not a daily thing to do.

We position Apeiron as a game for you to enjoy and play. And the earning aspect comes in the form of the weekly resets. Upon reset, once you have the play-to-earn tokens, you have the ability to mint to create some of the equipment NFTs, the relics. This equipment can be sold on the marketplace.

Ultimately, how you efficiently earn in Apeiron is by teaming up. Apeiron is about alliance gameplay, group dynamics and multiplayer gameplay. All the best rewards lie on our third token, the alliance team-to-earn token.

In order to participate in those, you need to join an alliance, you need to move around the star or land. Only then you can team up with other players in the same solar system, in the same system, in the same gaming guild. Then you can take on the late-game challengers to earn regularity as a team. These team-to-earn tokens can unlock the best rewards such as the liquidity pool staking and staking mechanisms in-game to generate yields and other rewards.

Modern Mulan: What are your strategies to attract new users and investors to Apeiron and keep them long-term?

Frank Cheng: We are partnering with one of the best KOLs. One of the best KOL networks in the space will be coming on board. There’s also Zombie Club, these are alpha groups that we are reaching out to. They will have different celebrities and KOLs to help us promote.

We’re looking for different marketing partners, community builders, and KOLs such as yourself to help grow our community. We wanted to build a different community here in Apeiron. You can take a look at our Discord. It’s structured very differently compared to other games.

Modern Mulan: Do you have an audit certificate or are you working to audit your project so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?

Frank Cheng: Yes of course. Right now, we’re working to audit our NFT, contracts and everything. But does that mean we’re hackproof? Anyone who promises a model, a game or a contract that is hackproof is highly doubtful. Nobody can prevent that [hacking]. What can we do, as developers and project owners, is to provide insurance and actual compensation early.

About Apeiron

Apeiron is the world’s first NFT god-game inspired by Black & White, a god video game published by Electronic Arts. It is being developed by a passionate team with the aim to produce a unique digital entertainment experience for blockchain gamers. As of writing, Apeiron is in Phase 2 of its roadmap in which Planet NFT presale, community growth and Apeiros Token Generation Event (TGE) are in the works.

About Play It Forward DAO

Play It Forward DAO is a metaverse eco-system builder with a focus on Web3 game investment and a large-scale guild of 3,000+ gamers (Railings University) across the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

The company is positioned to provide broad access to play-to-earn gaming by educating, empowering, and integrating underprivileged communities into the P2E industry. PIF DAO is positioned to be the growth engine of a Plug-and-Play metaverse by allowing its members to invest, play, learn and earn.

Play It Forward DAO Social Media Links:

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