How can P2E games take over the traditional gaming industry?

Over the last few years, a significant transformation in the gaming business has been witnessed. This is thanks to the arrival of new technology such as blockchain, which is now being utilized in developing and operating play-to-earn (P2E) games.

P2E games play a key role in the gaming industry by providing a new way for users and developers to connect with gaming platforms.

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What’s the difference between P2E games and traditional video games?

P2E games and traditional video games don’t have a lot of difference, it’s just that the former is created using cryptographic technology and has a decentralized feature. P2E games are produced on blockchain networks, which means that all of the computers linked to the network have access to the same data.

Both players and developers have equal control over the information contained within a P2E game due to its decentralized nature. Most often, the use of cryptos or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will be required in order to gain access to these games, depending on which one you are playing.

Traditional video games, on the other hand, are those that you can download and play either for free or by purchasing them. Just like P2E games, players can also buy in-game assets in traditional video games. However, unlike in P2E, bought assets on traditional video games mostly have no value in the real world. Continue reading to find out more advantages of P2E games below:

The advantages of P2E games

P2E games are embracing cryptocurrencies as a means of addressing issues players encounter on the internet, such as fraud and transaction problems. They also allow everyone affiliated with the game to own a part of it including everything from the characters to the skins to the weaponry.

In other words, you can utilize the characters, skins, weapons, and even the coding from one game to play in another. Moreover, the most advantageous aspect of playing P2E games is that you may transfer your rewards, as well as your purchased products and things created in-game, to other games.

Indeed, P2E games offer more advantages and benefits compared to traditional video games. This is why many people are saying that it can take over the traditional gaming industry soon. But how will this be possible?

How can P2E games take over the traditional gaming industry?

When it comes to gaming, blockchain technology and P2E games are regarded to have a favorable relationship. Implementing blockchain technology in gaming is now made easier because of its liquidity and the fact that gamers are already accustomed to tokenization.

The crypto space would be the most effective way to keep track of transactions in many games and has the potential to solve a number of long-standing problems in the gaming industry.

By improving the level of security, increasing gamers’ sense of ownership, offering more payment methods as well as letting players have the upper hand and construct an integrated profile, there’s a possibility that P2E games can slowly take over the traditional gaming industry. See a more detailed explanation below:

Improving the level of security in the gaming industry

As a result of the blockchain’s decentralization and very effective data encryption methods, hackers will find it nearly impossible to gain access to information stored across the whole server network.

Keep in mind that unlink in traditional video games, there are no servers within the network of P2E games. Thus, those who are planning to exploit the operations of P2E games would be unable to do since it is extremely difficult to bring down a decentralized blockchain network.

In other words, there will be a much more secure atmosphere for both game entrepreneurs and developers. This is one of the reasons why P2E games have an edge compared to traditional video games.

Increasing the sense of ownership over in-game assets

Blockchain technology has the potential to improve in-game asset ownership by increasing transparency and enforcing existing regulations in the gaming industry. Unlike in traditional video games, players are allowed to have actual digital ownership or swap rare goods in exchange for profit in a blockchain-supported gaming environment.

In P2E games, smart contracts are used to handle all of the transactional details. Smart contracts are automated transactions that run on pre-programmed parameters. So, when you launch a P2E game, all in-game assets purchased using smart contracts are immediately transferred to your public address accounts, ensuring that the game runs smoothly.

Moreover, smart contracts are operated without the involvement of a centralized authority. Thus, no one has the ability to modify the public IP address where the in-game assets are stored, and no one has the ability to change the private ownership of those assets.

Giving players the upper hand over the game

Blockchain-based applications or P2E games are immutable, which means they cannot be hacked. This also allows players to download and install video games in a variety of versions from any location without having to worry about their gaming experience being jeopardized.

Offering more payment methods

Cryptocurrencies are incredibly secure and confidential, and they are used worldwide. Numerous examples of big networks being infiltrated in the gaming industry have already occurred, resulting in consumers’ credit card information being exposed online and sold on black markets.

To make payments in P2E games, cryptocurrencies or crypto tokens are used instead of fiat currency, resulting in a more secure transaction experience. Moreover, with the increasing number of reliable crypto tokens and cryptocurrencies, there are more payment options for gamers.

Constructing an integrated gaming profile

To access a traditional video game, most gaming platforms require their users to first register a gaming profile on the site. P2E games, on the other hand, have the ability to let their players construct a single, integrated gaming profile that can be viewed and used across a wide range of gaming platforms.

Players of P2E games can construct a single, integrated gaming profile that can be accessed and used across a variety of gaming portals, saving them time and money. Gamers will benefit from this strategy since it makes interlinking activities within programs more accessible.

Ready to start your crypto gaming journey?

If you haven’t decided to go with P2E games and start earning instead of traditional games, you may be thrilled to find out if P2E is the future of online gaming!

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